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Teaching Experience: 1+ years

Courses: Conversational English, General English, English for Travel, Professional English, Academic English

— Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
— TEFL certified

Hello, I’m Adam!

As an American born and raised, I have had the rather unique privilege of being able to study and travel around the Постсоветский союз throughout college, which led to me subsequently falling in love with the region and the Russian language. This background both enriches and informs my teaching methodology that I use with my students, especially those whose native tongue is a Slavic language. I have considerable experience with cross-cultural communication from my time spent living abroad, which makes me uniquely qualified to bridge gaps and make connections in the classroom that other native English speakers simply would be unable to.

I specialize in 1v1 lessons and am a strong proponent of structuring lessons around students’ priorities and interests. I believe that adherence to rigid and predetermined lesson plans is a key contributor to the loss of focus and language fatigue that is all too common amongst learners as they progress. In addition to taking a multifaceted approach to instruction that hones in on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, I utilize a diverse variety of content and resources that offers a well-rounded learning experience while first and foremost prioritizing the student’s objectives and long-term goals.

I am known for bringing contagious enthusiasm and passion to all of my classes, as I cannot expect any student of mine to maintain motivation long-term if they find it difficult to enjoy their lessons with me or view learning English as a drudgery. Unfortunately, there is no “quick and easy” way to become fluent in English, and anyone who says as much is deceiving you. However, as your teacher, I promise to make the achievement of your language learning goals as efficient and enjoyable as humanly possible.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

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