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Teaching Experience: 6 years

Courses: General English, Conversational English, FCE preparation, Grammar, Hospitality English

— BSc Criminology and politics — University of Salford (2014),
— 2016 — CELTA, pass B — Cambridge University / International House Lisbon (2016),
— Language awareness — Cambridge English (2016),
— Teaching young learners — International House Lisbon (2018),
— Engaging with CLIL — British Council (2019).

I’m Alex, a professional English language teacher from Manchester in the UK. I have over 6 years experience privately tutoring English to individual students. Since obtaining a CELTA (pass B) I have also taught English in private language schools in Portugal and at trinity college in Dublin, to students of all ages and abilities from all over the world. I also have 2 years experience teaching online.

Throughout my teaching career I have developed a range of techniques and activities which make learning both fun and effective. I have helped more than 1,000 students to achieve their learning goals. Having taught: Engineers, business men, lawyers, nuns, children, teenagers, adults, underprivileged young people, blind people and many more has enabled me to understand and develop different ways of teaching in order to meet the needs of different people. I have also trained others how to teach and designed curriculums.

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