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Teaching Experience: 6 years

Courses: Business English, IELTS preparation, Conversation English

Education: B.A. with a focus in English and Philosophy

Teaching Hours: 5:00 — 16:00 Moscow time on weekdays

I hold six years of teaching experience internationally and have acquired valuable skills and assets throughout my career. I am also quite adaptable as my experienced is varied (e.g. private lessons, corporate classes, elementary, middle, and high school level).

I have helped students preparing for IELTS and TOEIC exams by drilling vocabulary and grammar. Also, it is important to practice writing, reading, listening and speaking skills so I make sure to touch upon these areas equally with my students.

For adults, I have provided conversation practice in order to refine their language ability in order to be more confident in work situations. As far as the business sector is concerned I have helped with making presentations, interview preparation, and report creation to name a few.

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