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    Country: The UK

    Teaching Experience: 15+ years

    Courses: Conversational English, General English, English for young learners, Business English,

    — Rochville University, UK
    — Open University, UK
    — GLOBAL TEFL/TESOL, Master Level.

    Hello. I’m Anastasia Fennell, BILINGUAL TUTORING : English, French, Russian.

    I’m BILINGUAL from My Childhood: Practicing English, French as a Home-Family Languages! I hold a Master Level.Degree in Education by Main Subjects : Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Academic Analytics, Online TUTORING Programs, General Linguistics …& @ Official Representative of WES ( World-Wide Education) TUTORING for Online Courses, Distance Learning Programs, via GLOBAL TEFL/TESOL EDU-Systems, for ESL, EFL Students:
    1) Homeschooling Programs
    2) Cambridge and Oxford Courses
    3) International EXAMS : KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC, GCSE, IELTS, TOEFL
    4) CLT /CLIL PROGRAMS ( Communicative Language Integrated Learning)

    All our Courses are based on CLT Methodology , with an accent to Communicative Language Practice!!! ( CLT) .
    Every Course has 5 main Modules :

    1) SPEAKING PRACTICE ( Dialogue-Based Conversation) = Improving Communicative skills!!!

    2) Main Course TOPICS , for READING& LISTENING , encrypted with additional vocabulary and grammar-in use activities = Improving Listening&Reading skills

    3) FLASH CARDS -GAMES ACTIVITIES — Studying ‘VOCABULARY-Mode’ = Improving Comprehension skills

    4) QUIZZES -In-TOPICS — ACTIVITIES : Practicing New Vocabulary ( IDEOMS UNITS) = Improving Memory Skills

    5) TEST -in-TOPICS-ACTIVITIES: Practicing Integrated Learning ( Ideoms, Expressions, Data-UNITS) = Improving General Responsive skills

    Pleasure to be Useful for Your Individual, or Group Tutoring by Level.

    Thank You, kind regards, Anastasia Fennell.

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