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Teaching Experience: 11+ years

Courses: Conversational English, General English, Business English

— Master’s degree in Education focusing on Linguistics,

My name is Andrew Walker. I have over 11 years of English teaching experience, and I have helped many people just like you learn to speak, read and write English. I have a Master’s degree in Education focusing on Linguistics, and I also have both CELTA and TESOL certificates.

I teach conversational English for practical, everyday use, and I also teach advanced English for business professionals, and students who have technical careers which require special vocabulary and language skills. Please let me know what your goals are and I will provide English language instruction that will help you to succeed.

I am an experienced corporate trainer and have helped many business professionals. I have also taught technical English to Health and Safety workers, medical professionals, military and aircraft technicians.

I am a successful teacher because of my ability to develop a relationship with each student and socialize the lesson in a way that makes it interesting and motivating. When you enjoy your lessons you will learn more and be more motivated. I make the lesson materials and topic relevant to your life and work situation. I will give you tools and skills that you can use in your real life to succeed in your business or academic career.

Please join my class and let me help you gain the skills that you need for a bright future.

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