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Teaching Experience: 12 years

Courses: Business English, TOEFL preparation, English conversation

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Education, 2000
Master’s of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language, 2011



I have taught English Levels 1 to 4 to students from Mexico, Latin America, Thailand and Africa in various nongovernmental organizations (10 years) and intensive English at a university—to South Korean and Middle Eastern students (1 ½ years).

I have also taught two short Workplace Communication classes to English as a Second Language Students at the university level.

In the Middle East I taught Business and English to young adult trainees (1 ½ years).

In all of the above classes my philosophy of teaching is to use knowledge of the students’ capabilities in the English language, their interests and goals, and their native cultures to make the classes interactive, relevant, and personal to each student. I like to teach according to the students’ individual learning styles. For example, I may use role-play to practice real life situations or I may use activities that include art or music.

I would like to offer classes in English conversation, Business English, TOEFL preparation, and any other classes that may be required.

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