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Teaching Experience: 10+ years

Courses: General Russian, Conversational Russian, Russian for beginners, Business Russian, Getting ready for the Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL), Russian for children

— Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation (Teaching degree)
— National Research Institute (Teaching Russian as a foreign language)

Hello, my name is Daria.

Learning a new language is not an easy thing! Learning Russian is too complicated! Even Russian natives struggle with grammar! Have you heard any of these statements?

The Russian language has for a long time been one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe as well as all around the world. With about 258 million speakers of Russian worldwide it currently takes the 7th place. Russian is the second most popular language on the Internet.

People say Russian could be tricky, but don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!
My lessons are specifically designed to help you solve all the problems with the hard concepts of the Russian language in a fun and entertaining way. I strongly believe that even the most difficult things can be taught while playing games, so I use games a lot at my lessons. I also think that the more we speak a foreign language, the better we are at using it in our everyday lives.

So, don’t hesitate! I’m waiting for you at my lessons.

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