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David M.R.

Стаж преподавания: 9 years +

Преподаю курсы: Conversational English, Business English, Spoken English, English Phonics, Interview Preparation, English Drama, Creative Writing, English Poetry & Lyric composition

Уровни, с которыми работаю: A1-C2

Мои дипломы и сертификаты:
Bachelor’s Degree of Arts — English Major, TEFL Certification 100 hours

Hi, I’m David from USA! I have over 9 years experience in teaching English to students of all ages. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and am TEFL Certified. I am a Native speaker of English, fluent in Spanish and Cantonese (Chinese dialect), and I am currently studying Sanskrit and Thai. I am an avid student of language, and a highly intuitive and passionate teacher in the class room. Apart from language, I thoroughly enjoy cooking, meditation, yoga, traveling, playing chess, music, and swimming. As a teacher, my classes are always centered around the needs of the student, providing an environment that is engaging, interactive, challenging and supportive at the same time. Practicality is of paramount importance to me, as I believe that we have to keep it real, relatable, and relevant to the student’s daily life and goals to yield the best results. Everyone is different and unique in their own way, so I always encourage asking questions, and take a very empathic approach to find the best way to explain new concepts until a sincere and thorough understanding has been reached. I am very hands on and pro-active which means that merely explaining »rules and theory» simply doesn’t cut it with me. I believe in immediate application — use what you’ve just learned right away in a relatable context so that it becomes the seed of a new good habit. In this way the newfound knowledge is sure to stick with you for years to come, and be readily available to you when you need to access it. Last but not least, I love to have fun! I am a very dynamic person so I make my classes as fun an entertaining as they are educational. I believe that if you put your heart at the center of what you do, and your mind is focused and aligned, only success will follow your every step. It is my pleasure to welcome you to join me in the celebration of language.

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