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Teaching Experience: 4+ years

Courses: General English, Conversational English, Business English, IELTS preparation, Pronunciation, Reading Out loud and Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Job Interview Practice

— B.A. Communication Degree, Portland State University
— TEYL Certification
— TEFL Certification
— IELTS Certification

Hello, my name is Edward Matthews. I’m from the West Coast of The United States. I’m an ESL teacher, and have a bachelor’s degree in communication and TEFL certification.

While earning my degree I studied subjects such as communication theory, linguistics, cognitive science, advanced composition, English history, literature, and culture. I also studied Business. During 2017 I worked as a middle school teacher, and in 2018 I started teaching English online.
Currently, I’m researching, attending teaching workshops, sharing tips, and discussing ESL teaching pedagogy with my colleagues. I’m working on developing my own ESL teaching pedagogy and method. In my free time, I enjoy going hiking and watching movies.

Teaching Statement:

In order to learn, students must be engaged. They must be concerned with what I’m saying. They must be intent on understanding me, and having me understand them. They must have a reason to speak with me. They must have a genuine interest in the class.

I always use an English level based on the student’s immediate needs. I assess the students English level and adjust my level accordingly. I raise my English level slightly above the students level to challenge the student. If necessary, I’ll lower my English level for the student. Ultimately, I want to speak at a level that the student can comprehend, but also challenges them.

Overall, I want my students to learn how to use English to communicate effectively. I help them develop core English skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural knowledge. I want them to be able to use English to understand themselves, others, and the world around them. I want them to be confident with English, so that they can use it to communicate with people around the world.

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