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    Country: Russia

    Teaching Experience: 10+ years

    Courses: General Russian, Conversational Russian, Business Russian, Russian for young learners, Russian for school, Russian for travels, living, working, etc.

    — Diploma in Russian (MGPU) Pedagogical University of Moscow;
    — Certificate MGU-Russian Centre “Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language


    my name is Elena, I am a teacher of Russian as a foreign language (RFL). In 2008, I graduated with honors from MGPU (Moscow City Pedagogical University), went to Italy for love, married an Italian and gave birth to two daughters. In addition to my family, I also worked on self-development, opening the Russian school “Raduga” in 2014 together with the Russian-speaking Diaspora.

    All 10 years abroad, I taught RFL, giving my heart and soul to my favorite passion.

    Last year I returned to Russia to improve my skills, and now I teach RFL in Moscow to students from all over the world: Italy, China, South Korea, Thailand, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain, Poland, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, great Britain, the Netherlands…

    My classes are dynamic, because I like to develop and not stand still, as well as fun, interesting and informative. My students don’t learn grammar as formulas, my students practice a speech, correct and rich, penetrating knowledge of the Russian language based on the traditions, culture, mentality, history of the Russian people.

    “The great campaign begins with the first step” – start today, and maybe tomorrow you will discover a new world!

    See you soon!

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