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Teaching Experience: 14+ years

Courses: General Russian, Conversational Russian, TORFL preparation, Business Russian

— Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology

Hello! My name is Evgenia. I live in Moscow. I’ve been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 17 years at several universities and private language schools. Here in Moscow I taught people from all over the world, university students as well as expats working for international companies in Russia. For 2 years I’ve been teaching online which is a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to meet each other.

I try to make my lessons clear and logical with a bit of fun and to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in class.

I can help you study Russian from 0-level, improve your speaking, listening, writing skills and grammar, prepare you for certificate tests.

Looking forward to meeting you in my class.

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