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Teaching Experience: 3 years

Courses: Conversational classes, Pronunciation, Grammar

Education: Bowling Green State University — Bachelor’s of Art degree
Saint Petersburg State University — Certificate in Russian
Oxford Seminars — Certificate in Teaching ESL, ESOL and EFL

Teaching Hours: 16:00 — 19:00 Moscow time on weekdays

Hello! My name is Gannon and I’m from the USA. I was born in Ohio. I studied Russian language at Bowling Green State University. I finished my degree through our summer program at Saint Petersburg State University, where I got a certificate from the Institute of Russian language and culture in 2010.

My work experience has been focused around foreign language and teaching English. I started as a professor assistant. I organized review sessions and tutored a group of 30 students. After that, I interviewed with a private institute in Surgut, Russia to work as an English teacher there. I’ve been working and living in Siberia for the last 2.5 years. I’ve taught kids, teens, and adults of all levels.

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