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Teaching Experience: 10+ years

Courses: General English, Business English (including Medical English, English for Nursing), English for Travel, English for General Conversation and Pronunciation/Accent for English

— Certificate, Business English Training — TEFL Academy (2018)
— Certificate, Teaching Phonetics, TEFL Academy (2012)
— ABD, Education, Capella University
— MA, Media Studies, The New School University (2001)
— BA, Liberal Arts, The New School of Social Research (1999)

Georgiana is a native English speaker from Honolulu, HI, USA. She’s been an English language coach for over ten years. She has a BA, MA and is ABD for a doctorate in Education. She also has TEFL certificates for Business English and Teaching Phonetics.

She firmly believes that better English means a better life for those who want to integrate more smoothly with the global village. Better English means better employment opportunities, better academic opportunities and a better quality of life for the learner, the learner’s family and the learner’s community.

Georgiana prefers to be known as a language coach because learning a new language is like learning a new sport. Similar to sports, learning a new language means learning and practicing new skills to be able to perform well. Her class sessions are based on using what you know to learn and practice new skills and to build confidence.

She has conducted Professional Development Workshops for Medical English, English for Nursing, Business English and special presentations on Culture and Language. She has had the privilege of being University Lecturer for Business English and general English skills. She strongly advocates a learner-centered environment where you and your goals are the most important element in the learning process.

She teaches English for Work, English for Business, English for Travel, English for General Conversation and Pronunciation/Accent for English. She encourages you to talk about your goals in the initial session and work together to make a plan to meet your goals.

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