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Courses: IELTS & TOEFL Test Preparation, Conversational English, English for kids and teens, Business English

Teaching Experience: 15 years

Education: B.A. in English — Trinity International University.

Hi! My name is Hal. I have been told that my accent is easy to understand and that I have an excellent teaching method. My students are from age 8 to 80.

Language is about conversation. Learning to be comfortable speaking a new language is what I stress. Perfect grammar and exact pronunciation are not necessary to communicate. However, the better you can speak and understand the easier it is for you to be understood.

I believe there are four things that describe a good teacher.
1. Be on time
2. Be prepared
3. Be a good listener
4. Be interested in the student’s needs

I have many resources to allow you to meet your goals. Every student is different, so my classes are designed to meet the needs of each student, not a set plan. We will work together to find the right program for you.

I have been teaching over Skype for over 15 years. I have spoken to students in over thirty different countries during that time. I do this full-time. It is not a hobby.

Over the years, I have helped students attain high scores on TOEFL / IELTS / TOEIC / TEPS tests as well as tests for entrance to U.S. and Australian universities or for immigration to Canada, Australia, and the US.

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