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    Country: South Africa / Located in Eastern Cape

    Courses: General English, Conversational English, Exam preparation

    — TESOL\TEFL Teacher Training — Feb 2021 -March 2021;
    — BELFAST ACADEMY, 2013 — 2017 : Graduated with a distinction in English language

    Hi there!

    I’m Helena and I live in South Africa and I want to be your new English Teacher. I am confident, encouraging and patient with all my students. I have taken aspects of my previous work experience and applied them to my teaching.

    I believe that teaching a language takes patience and understanding. For my students I would like to make my classroom as comfortable as possible. All my lessons are fun and educational.

    The method I use in my lessons , I strongly believe would give the best results and retain the most information as possible.The ESA (Engage, Study , Activate)method , helps to make my lessons more student centered which gives you the opportunity to speak , read and write more in english.

    I hope to see you soon!

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