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Teaching Experience: 9 years

Courses: IELTS Preparation, General Conversation, Travel and Tourism, Effective Listening, Vocabulary building, Cross-cultural communication

Education: TESOL Certificate, Degree in Community Development



I was born on one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines but have been living a semi-nomadic life after that.

I now live in the city of dreams, home to Sigmund Freud and Mozart, Vienna, Austria.

I like to call myself a country-hopping English teacher.

For nine years, I have poured my heart and soul into teaching English and immersing myself in different cultures as I slowly make my way around the globe. I have worked in English academies for Japanese and Korean learners in my home city in the Philippines and in Malaysia. I have also volunteered in a school in Thailand. I have worked with students from the Middle East and Europe. Since 2009, I have concentrated on teaching English learners based in Russia.

I have extensive experience teaching and tutoring people of all ages, levels and nationalities. I’ve prepared and taught English courses in a diverse range of subjects from the daily mundane things and travel, to business, mass media and public speaking.

My teaching style is very flexible. Lessons are tailored to meet the student’s needs, whether they need to prepare for an exam or job interview, improve their listening and pronunciation, or just practice conversation.

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