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Teaching Experience: 15 years

Courses: Conversational English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Cambridge exam preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE), Business English, General English

Education: CELTA



Hello, I am John.

I am from the USA and speak with a very average “American” accent. I enjoy meeting people and learning about other cultures, which is why I have lived in a few different countries. For the last 4 years my family and I been living on an island near South America.

I received my CELTA in 2001 and have been teaching since that time, more than 15 years. My teaching experience includes teaching groups and individuals in a variety of settings (classroom, office, at home, online).

I have taught general and business English, exam preparation, conversation, writing and business specific tasks.
Before teaching, I did technical work in the automobile industry and computer chip industry either as a site technician or as an FSE. I was a site supervisor and was in charge of installation projects for customers like Intel, Motorola and HP. For several years I also worked as a middleman, selling wood flooring in Europe.

Students have different learning styles and strong points, which means that lessons should be adapted to suit each student. It is important to start with a clear goal in mind and a strategy to achieve it. I would be pleased to meet you online and discuss the best method for you.

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