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Teaching Experience: 7 years

Courses: Business EnglishIELTS, Cambridge Exams preparation, Conversational classes

Education: TEFL and TESOL Certificate (Global Language Training), Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL (ACTDEC)

Teaching Hours: 12:00 till 23:00 (Moscow time) Monday to Saturday, Sunday 12:00 till 17:00

I am a Qualified English Teacher, I enjoy Teaching Children and Adults at all levels including Business English. I have taught Children from the ages 3-16, and also adults individually, as well as in large groups.

I have excellent communication skills and am a very motivated and enthusiastic Educator. I teach the direct and communicative method and also adapt with current technological developments to suit the individual students’ needs.

I have helped all ages improve their written, speaking and academic English through patience and motivation. I have taught students from many cultures and backgrounds and always foster a cohesive student learning atmosphere. I have taught students from many countries including Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, UAE and Kazakhstan, and enjoy the interaction with different cultures.

I believe each student deserves my full attention. I motivate and educate the students receptive and academic skills to their full potential through games, activities, and role-playing. I like to build a friendly and trustworthy rapport with the student, to achieve the best results.

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