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Преподаю курсы: English grammar, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and conversation

Уровни, с которыми работаю: A1-C1

Мои дипломы и сертификаты:
— 120 hours of TEFL certification
— Bachelor of Sciences: Specialization in Biology, Major in Medical Sciences

Hello, my name is Jovana. I am from Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is known for its diverse culture, unwaveringly polite people, making the country one of the most inclusive on the planet. My background consists of teaching online for over four years. I am an English native speaker, who is TEFL certified. I also have two degrees in Bachelor of Sciences. My first degree is in Specialization in Biology and my second degree is Major in Medical Sciences. I am a great listener, relaxed, friendly, cheerful and understanding teacher, who will help you improve speaking and listening skills, along with grammar and your pronunciation. I work with students that are beginners to advanced level students of all ages ( from youth to teenagers to adults). My biggest aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for my students to learn in and encourage creativity in virtual learning.

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