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Teaching Experience: 20+ years

Courses: Business English (including IT English, Medical English), Conversational English, IELTS preparation, CPE preparation, General English

Education: CELTA, BA in Social behavioral science

I have lived in Israel, Germany, Italy, and Washington State, Phila PA, Sicklerville NJ and New York as well as traveled many places around the world. These locals have enhanced my love an appreciation for my diverse human family. Many friends and close acquaintances of mine are refugees or have been previously from countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Israel, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Senegal to name a few. I have also taught pre intermediate and upper intermediate English classes with a combination of students from Japan, China, Albania Bulgaria, Russia, El Salvador, Colombia, Morocco etc.

My experience extends to from working as an online consultant for global online and brick and mortar schools abroad as well as work with an U.S. agency affiliated with the N.J.Board of Education. Cambridge University CELTA. These programs allowed me the assignment to work with ESL middle and high school aged students form Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua to learn functional English along with other academic courses.

I have had employment with the British Institutes of San Benedetto as well as the Vomeror British Institutes of Naples Italy.

For 7 years, I have owned my own Multicultural Learning Center, Culture Advantage in Philadelphia PA. This school was themed on cultures from around the world and the curriculum involved weekly parental participation in order that the children were groomed from inside the home and out to support and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful diverse human race.

My degree is in Social Behavioral Science as I have experience working with special needs children and adults along with offering support and consultation services to families in crisis on a volunteer basis.

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