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Teaching Experience: 20+ years

Courses: Conversational English, General English, English for young learners

— TEFL/TESOL Certification from Oxford Seminars
— Teaching Certification (USA)
— Undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree (four-year)

Hello! My name is Kimberly Comerford. I am from Virginia, in the USA.
I have taught for 20 years and have experience teaching students of all levels and ages, in the United States and most recently in Vietnam. My experience is mostly within a public-school setting, but most recently I have taught online as a ESL /EFL instructor.

I am an energetic and creative teacher, and I particularly love teaching Kindergarten and Elementary students. My approach to teaching includes games, projects, and interactive activities that keep young students busy and learning. For more advanced students, my teaching methods include vocabulary and grammar games and projects that will highlight writing and speaking skills.

As a former reading teacher, I like to emphasize vocabulary, pronunciation, and phonemic awareness. Building on these skills, learners of all ages can become proficient in reading and writing in a second language. At all levels, my classes incorporate frequent speaking and conversation.

My philosophy for teaching is that all students can learn. I enjoy getting to know students and their learning needs and tailoring my lessons for each individual student.Whether it be vocabulary, grammar, or speaking, my expertise is in targeting weakness and emphasizing strengths so students are confident in their knowledge of English.

De-coding a second language can be exciting and challenging. I would love the opportunity to help you become an English language learner.

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