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Teaching Experience: 10 years

Courses: Conversational English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Business English

Education: TESOL

Teaching Hours: from 3pm till 11pm Moscow time Monday through Friday

Hello, my name is Lia and I have been working as a teacher and tutor for almost 10 years.

I truly love teaching foreign languages and I am determined to create a fun learning environment where students can make the most out of their virtual learning experience. I strive towards making students feel comfortable in their online classroom while at the same time encouraging them to reach their learning goals.

With 10 years of successful experience in language instruction, training course development, marketing, customer service and quality assurance, as well as close cooperation and interaction with companies and professionals in Europe and North America, I have a diverse background with much to offer.

The training courses I have completed at Teachers Training College and the translating program I am currently taking at Instituto Lenguas Vivas, have given me a strong basis of pedagogical, methodological and linguistic skills that have become useful for me while providing corporate language training at multinational companies in Argentina as well as in an online environment.

In addition, I have completed my TESOL certification at AMERICAN ENGLISH TESOL in Florida, USA. Additionally, I have completed online courses: Learning Personalizing Education (Clayton Christensen Institute), Classrooms Interactions (University of Virginia) and Blended and Online Learning (University System of Georgia).
By December 2016, I will be certified to teach English language to children around the world. And by July 2017 I will be a certified Translator and Court Interpreter for the USA.

Through my professional and academic experience, I have worked with and trained professionals from many different countries, developed an aptitude for analyzing linguistic abilities and accordingly established curriculums and learning materials that match the students’ language proficiency and objectives.

I offer conversational lesson, IELTS training, TOEIC AND TOEFL exam preparation and rehearsal. I have a large experience in Cambridge International exams preparation. I can help you improve your Business skills and help you reach your work objectives in order to build a successful career path.

In my free time, I am taking translation courses and once I have finished I will enroll in psychology at Buenos Aires University. I am currently taking French lessons.

Based on my professional and academic background, we can work together on achieving your learning goals while enjoying the nice online environment.

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