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Teaching Experience: 10+ years

Courses: English for kids and teens, Conversational English, General English

Education: BA in English at New York University, CELTA

Hello, I am Libby. I live in Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains, in the West of the United
States. I love nature, snow and spending time with my husband. It brings me great joy to teach you
with Enline. I am happy to teach students of all ages in such a special program, especially Beginners
and those at the Elementary Level. The goal for us is to use our rapport to build your motivation and
confidence. The favorite part of my teaching career is patiently helping students enjoy learning and
speaking English.

For ten years, I have taught ambitious students on three continents. I hold a Bachelor of
Education, with honors, from New York University. I have CELTA certification to teach English. I am
licensed to teach Primary School, in all subjects.

I specialize in teaching General English, Conversation Classes as well as Young Learners. I love the virtual classroom. I help students get quick results. I offer them the chance to be leaders in life. With Enline, I can prepare students for today’s competitive market. Creative lessons, engaging topics and my passion are the keys to my
effectiveness. This will give you extra progress and success.

In my spare time, I like playing board games, horseback riding and being on our farm. What do you like to do? Join me in the classroom!

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