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Teaching Experience: 10 years

Courses: Conversational English, Business English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, World History

Education: TESOL/TEFL Certificate; BA in Political Science & History; JD/Law Degree

The fastest-spreading language in human history is English. It is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide – that is one in every four of us. Consequently, English is the worldwide language of business, science, and the Internet.

As a native speaker, it is a great honor to help students master my “mother tongue” and achieve their goals, whether it is for personal or business related reasons.

Come and study with me. You will enjoy yourself and most importantly your English will improve through interactive exercises, homework, speaking and writing practice.

I have worked, with great success, in a large urban American school district for 7 years — teaching English composition and history. I have taught ESL (beginner to advanced), TOEFL Prep and IELTS Prep online for the past 3 years to adult professionals, college students, and K-12 children.

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