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Teaching Experience: 17 years

Courses: Business English (including Interview Preparation and Presentation Preparation), IELTS Preparation, FCE Preparation, General English (speaking, writing, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary building), Conversational English

— Certificate in Exercise and Health Studies,
— TESOL certified.

I am a TESOL certified teacher with extensive teaching experience gained over the last 17 years.

During this time I have taught English both in my native Ireland as well as spending over 6 years teaching abroad, working with students of many nationalities and diverse backgrounds.

For me, teaching is an ongoing collaborative process and lessons are designed to meet each student’s needs. Experience has shown me that students learn in different ways and I have an adaptable, flexible and patient approach.

I aim to create a positive and comfortable learning environment and deliver enjoyable, interesting and effective lessons. I enjoy seeing my students make progress in developing their language skills and growing in confidence in their ability to communicate in English.

I look forward to meeting you.

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