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Teaching Experience: 6+ years

Courses: General English, Conversational English, English for young learners, English for travels, living, studying, working abroad, etc.

-Master of Science (M.Sc.) Cultural Diversity in Education focused in Pedagogy from Far Eastern Federal University, Russia,
— Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Education and Methods in Education from Faculty of Pedagogy, Belgrade University, Serbia.

Hello, my name is Maja. I can speak 4 languages — English, Serbian, Russian and Spanish. I was born and raised in Serbia. However, last 7 years I have been living, studying and working abroad in Turkey, Austria, India, Russia, China and Chile. I have been teaching English around the world in different countries and continents, as well as different educational institution, offline and online to students different age groups, from children to adults. Currently I am based in Santiago, Chile, South America. I have a very interesting lifestyle so far, living abroad has broaden my horizons and has made me be a very open-minded person who is always willing to learn about new cultures, get new experience and enjoy learning new languages. Working in educational area has been a path that I decided to follow and develop into an educator who helps others to grow and succeed. I’m a very cheerful, positive, patient and energetic person, someone to easy get along with, a world traveler and someone who loves learning new things every day. I do my work in the most professional way and manner. I love helping others learn and make progress, it’s something that gives me satisfaction as a teacher and en educator.

During my professional experience in different educational establishment around the world I learnt and developed into an educator who is always focusing on students’ needs, getting good knowledge, their achievements and constant learning.

During my career I have gained rich experience in teaching English as a second language, teacher training, curriculum development, educational research and education management. I am always keen to learn more and expand my knowledge regarding education in order to contribute students development and educational goals. As someone who has been living and working in different countries with so many students different nationalities, ages, needs and personalities I believe I can approach students in the best possible way in order to reach everyones capacity, needs, and wishes.

I can help you to reach your goals and learn English in an easy way. My classes are interesting, creative and entertaining. You will feel relaxed and motivated to study more. I will help you to stay focused on your goals and language preferences, I will listen to you and try to understand you. Learning English is one of the best things you can do for yourself, brings you so much joy and makes you feel more comfortable and confident when speaking to strangers, meeting new friends from different countries, traveling, studying, reading, listening to music, shopping, getting a job in your or any other country, moving abroad, even dating or finding the best partner for yourself. Therefore, learning a new language is a beautiful project that will make your feel doing a great think for yourself. Happy learning and hope to see you very soon.

Best wishes to you, Maja

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