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Teaching Experience: 11+ years

Courses: General Russian, Conversational Russian, TORFL preparation, Business Russian, Russian for children

— Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Hi to everyone!
My name is Mariya. I’ve been working as a Russian teacher for 10 years since I graduated from Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Moscow.

I’d like to offer practical group or individual classes with foreign students of different age and levels (A1-2, B1-2, and C-1)

I have an experience of communication with representatives from over 25 countries (countries near and far abroad, CIS and Baltic countries).

I love my job and I’m proud of teaching customers from various lines of activity: science, education, trade, logistics, sports, and arts.

I prefer active teaching methods. The main goal of teaching is fast progress and fluent in Russian language of wider communication.
If you’re interested in Russian language and culture you’re welcome!

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