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Teaching Experience: 10+ years

Courses: Business English, Conversational English,Travel English, General English, English for young learners, IELTS, TOEFL preparation

-TESOL H790517 is from LinguaEdge in Beverly Hills ,California

Hello! My name is Mark.

I´ve been teaching for ten years both in the classroom as well as online.
I´m an adult education specialist.
I was educated in California and have an American west coast accent. My bachelors is in Architecture from San Diego State. TESOL H790517 is from LinguaEdge in Beverly Hills ,California
Í´m from San Diego,California and have been living abroad for 15 years,I reside on beautiful Lake Atitlan,Guatemala.
I know the challenges of learning a second language.
Teaching requires patience,First I establish study habits using the Cambridge System.
Learning is a process so I take my students through the steps.
Online studying or ¨Distance Learning¨is in real time listening/speaking are interactive.
I use the PPP method depending on your fluency level.
P…I present the lesson and explain the grammar theory.
P…We practice new and use previous knowledge.
P…Student produces.
Each class has objectives/goals depending on the student´s level.
I ran a Construction business in Southern California.
I´m well versed in Business English,
I´ve traveled to 10 different countries so I´m experienced in Travel English.
I´m available to teach English to the highest level.

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