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Teaching Experience: 6+ years

Courses: Business English, Conversational English, General English, English for kids and teens, IELTS preparation, CAE & FCE preparation, Technical English

Education: Bachelor of Theology with Honours from Oxford University, NEBS Management, ECDL/ICDL, TEFL, TEYL, CLIL, IELTS, Cambridge First (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE)


My name is Martin and I am originally from the England (UK). About 3 – 4 years I took time out from my successful management career in finance and banking to pursue my interests and lifelong dreams of travel and teaching English. Although I had done both to some degree in the past I now wanted to teach full time whilst exploring new countries. Since then I have lived in Ghana, West Africa and I am now currently in South Africa. In between I have also visited many other countries.

I have thousands of hours online and face to face classroom teaching experience which combined is around 6+ years in total. As well as TEFL I am able to teach IELTS, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge First, CLIL and TEYL. I intend to add to this very soon with the Cambridge Preliminary and Key qualifications. I also studied Theology at Oxford University.

I have taught a wide array of students from young learners aged 4-5 at Level 1 (with no exposure to English) all the way through to successful company directors with a solid grasp and understanding of English. Although I have taught all types of English my main speciality, due to my background is business and financial English but I also specialise in conversational English, exam preparations, teaching juniors and interview techniques.

I find teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career. Watching someone’s journey from a beginner to an advanced level and interacting with them is opportunity that few other jobs allow. I use a wide array of teaching techniques from TPR for juniors all the way through instructional or task based for teenage or adult learners (and everything in between). The important thing is to make my lessons relevant, engaging and interactive.

In my spare time when I am not teaching, I enjoy learning about flying, learning new languages, listening to music and of course travel!

I’m looking forward to teaching you soon!

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