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Teaching Experience: 38+ years (19 of them in Moscow)

Courses: Conversational English, General English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, All Cambridge courses including CAE, Expository Writing, Exam preparation

The State University of New York
The College at Old Westbury
Old Westbury, L.I., N.Y.


I have been a teacher all of my adult life; first as a Professor of Expository Writing, Critical Thinking, and Rhetoric in the United States, and finally, here in Russia, where for the past fifteen years I have worked as an instructor in General English, Corporate English, Critical Thinking, and Writing. I have specialized in teaching IELTS, Toefl, and all Cambridge examinations.

I am a professional teacher of English and not just someone who has attached a teaching certificate to their university degree. I am more than willing to help you with any problems you might encounter as you move towards making your English the very best it can be.

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