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Teaching Experience: 9+ years

Courses: Conversational English, General English, TOEFL preparation, Cambridge exam preparation

— TEFL Certification,
— CELTA Certification

My name is MicheIle I am from Los Angeles California currently living in the United Kingdom.

I am a qualified TEFL teacher with EAL/EFL and ESOL experience with over 9 years experience.
I have taught in different countries like Spain, UK and was a volunteer teacher assistant in India before formally teaching English.
I started my formal teacher training back in 2010 when I started a TEFL course. I finished after two years in 2012, acquiring my diploma as a TEFL teacher to teach different stages from complete beginner to advanced bilingual.
I extended my formal learning with Cambridge (CELTA) so I could teach BEC which starts one to help with practical language to enable one to start their own business, this consisted on the importance of communicating and dealing with colleagues in native speaking countries or on homeland soil.

As a tutor, pupils come from diverse linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds which leads me to adapt as a tutor to attain achievements. I teach the use of grammar, writing, listening and speaking either as a future tourist or for conversation either in a common/professional conversation in all ages. I also prepare students for all formal exams. I also have hands-on experience in preparations for all formal exams.

My main goal is progression in every aspect regarding learning English as a second language. To add I have a degree in Public relations so I use my formal studies to adapt and have an abundance of patience with all ages from young learners to adults.

I look forward to working with you.

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