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Courses: Conversational English, Aviation English, Interview Preparation, IELTS Test Preparation

Teaching Experience: 19+ years

Education: M.ED (TESOL) — Queensland University of Technology Brisbane

Your speaking and conversation skills – and your confidence — can be increased VERY quickly! Let me explain “how” in a free trial lesson. I am a very serious teacher, and I understand learning English is really hard work! BUT it must always be «fun» and enjoyable !!!

More than 19 years teaching all levels of English in Universities, Language Schools and online, have led me to a specialization in conversation, interview and IELTS skills, I can help you reach your English goals!

If flying is your passion and your future career, I can, with more than twenty years in aviation, give you the skills to reach to successfully reach your required level to satisfy the ICAO level 4 requirements for international pilots.

Confidence and skill in English communication are crucial for your future! Every minute of your lesson is important, your success is my goal — Talk to me soon!

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