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Teaching Experience: 18+ years

Courses: Business EnglishConversational classes, Writing & Editing Expertise

Education: Licensed U.S. English & History Teacher, TEFL Certified. UCLA graduate with postgraduate work in Education at CSUN.

I have taught English to students of all ages from elementary to College level including many professionals. My experience is vast, having taught students from many cultures in the U.S. as
well as to Mexicans, Russians & Palauans (the last a small island culture in the Pacific). I have
a strong background in many other subjects (political science, psychology and philosophy).

I work patiently with all students, striving to develop a nice rapport and comfort level to inspire a
relaxed but focused teaching-learning atmosphere. I can adjust to your needs and
requirements, so don’t be shy about telling me exactly what you want. I listen attentively and
encourage my students to speak without fear of making mistakes or worrying about being
criticized. The goal is to give you what you need to succeed. My goal is to serve you.

I also founded my own Publishing Company (Aardvark Publications) and served as its Publisher
and Editor for 17 years. I also sold advertising for my publications and death with hundreds if
not thousands of different businesses. So, I am familiar with many business operations.

In addition, I was a community organizer for many years in the U.S. and served many different
roles which included Developing & Coordinating Events, Fundraising, and Public Speaking.
Finally, I am a published essayist and poet and spend a considerable amount of my free time
writing (working on a novel or essays).

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