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Стаж преподавания: 20+ лет

Преподаю курсы: Бизнес-английский, Разговорный английский, Street USA English

Уровни, с которыми работаю: Intermediate — Advanced

Мои дипломы и сертификаты:
— Master of Science
— Certified Instructor for Global Relationship Centers, USA
— Certified Snowboard Instructor, USA

Hi there!

I’m a sharp personality with a genuine smile who has motivated over a 1000 students in overcoming fears to get results and become more confident in over 20+ years of tutoring.

With a master’s degree in Engineering, an instructor certificate from Global Relationship Centers, USA and cum laude diploma from The Russian State Foreign Language Courses I choose to specialize in conversational English with a focus on motivation. I am also well versed in Business English, having been a US entrepreneur for two decades.

I delight in working with Intermediate to Advanced levels — an audience who can appreciate humor, arts and emotions, as I am a big fan of a visual and emotional memory approach to learning. Most importantly, I believe in synergy and use all my skills and talents to create a feeling of safety and bring the magic of team spirit to my students so that learning turns into fun, and we both look forward to the next time together!

Hope to chat soon!

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