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Teaching Experience: 19 years

Courses: English for young learners, Conversational English, General English

Education: TESOL, B.A. in Tourism Business Management

Hello! My name is Rigel Reyes.

I’ve been an ESL Teacher since 1999 and my experience as a teacher has been full of joy and satisfaction as I celebrate my students´ accomplishments and personal growth.

Teaching English in elementary schools has been a constant but I also have experience tutoring
adult and teenage groups. I have worked with IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge´s candidates with a
successful outcome most of the time.

I enjoy researching and writing about new and fun ways to teach because I am convinced that a happy student learns better! I love it when my students are able to prove what they have learned as they travel abroad, get accepted at the schools they wanted, get promoted at their jobs or pass an important exam.

My lessons focus on different learning styles because the aim is to get to know each student and
their learning needs and aims. I like to focus on fluency and correct pronunciation.

Communication is the main objective, so working on the four skills in a meaningful way will always
make it easier!

I have been teaching online for 3 years now and I definitely love it! Teaching is my passion and I do it with great respect and love!

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