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Robert M.

Стаж преподавания: 5 years

Преподаю курсы: I have experience teaching a wide variety of students, from preschoolers and young students, to teenagers and adults. Whether a student is a beginner or advanced, I can help them reach their language goals.

Уровни, с которыми работаю: A1-C2

Мои дипломы и сертификаты:
TEFL M.B.A. Bachelor of Arts Studied Russian Language at Moscow State University and speak well.

I am a calm, professional, positive teacher, with much experience and education. For parents, I want your child to like learning English. You are investing in your child’s future. You are showing your love. I understand how important it is for your child to grow and learn. Each child learns in their own ways. Some like games, while others react to visual cues or music. My goal is always to make a child feel comfortable and motivated to learn. It is very rewarding seeing the progress of each child. It will be an honor to teach your child. For adult learners, English usage and grammar are easiest to learn when related to your interests, job and hobbies. I will make your learning interesting while staying focused on continual improvement of your language skills.

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