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Teaching Experience: 20+ years

Courses: IELTS preparation, Business English, Conversational English, General English

— BA in English English Language/Literature — Hertfordshire University in the UK (1992),
— TEFL (2009).

Good day everyone. My name is Robert, I’m 47 and I am from the UK. I am born and bred in Leeds. I am married to my wonderful wife and we have two lovely children together.

I am a highly experienced English tutor with over 20 years teaching experience with periods of teaching in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. I have wide range of interests and enjoy to chat about all topics of your interest as well as teaching you the fundamentals of the English Language. I always encourage my students to look at things from a critical point of view and analysis.

My bonus point is that I have a neutral English accent so all my foreign students can enjoy my teaching as they being able to understand.

I have taught from young children to working professionals at all levels of English. My specialization is teaching IELTS and business English. IELTS preparation for tests is one of my strong points, with an extremely success rate of Band 7 or above.. Emphasis mainly on Task achievement, Coherence, Lexical resource and Grammar.

Courses offered

In main, I can teach the following courses, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced students. I can teach conversational classes, writing, reading at all levels. I have taught IELTS for around 10 years now with 4 years as an examiner in China and Japan. I have also been teaching Business English classes for the last 4 years.

Teaching methodlogy

My principles on which are base my teaching are based on the following question — how to make education affective ?

This methodology is known as the strengths based education — where i as the tutor concentrate on building upon the students weaknesses rather than their strengths, which is something students don’t like to do initially. In my experience spanning some twenty years it pays dividends using this methodology. For example, most children and adults don’t read for pleasure nowadays, the only read if they really have to. I chose texts based upon the students interests and through this we can build a strong vocabulary base, confidence in speaking, reading skills and then with the written work which accompanies such texts we can help improve the students sentence constructions, used of tenses etc etc.

It is well known to build a house which will stand the test of time you need a really strong foundation. This is my exact sentiments. I like to spend a long time building a strong foundation for each student so in the future when they become upper-intermediate or advanced students they will not have any problems in speaking, reading, writing or listening.

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