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Teaching Experience: 10 years

Courses: Business English, Conversational English, General English

— B.A Degree — SheltonCollege, Florida,
— TEFL Certification.

Hello! My name is Robert!

I was born, raised and educated in the USA, in Florida.

I have a college degree in Business Administration as well as 2 TEFL Certificates. One TEFL course was General English and the other was Grammar Intensive.
I have taught adults for 4 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I went into the Companies, as well as, taught in cafes, parks and homes. Mainly groups of 2-6 but also individual classes.

My work experiences have certainly helped with my classes as many are taking English classes for work related reasons. I have worked in Sales, Marketing and Advertising and was in Upper Management for almost 20 years as a General Manager of a Distribution Center with 157 employees. I was responsible for customer service, Human Resources, Purchasing, Warehousing and delivery, Credit and Accounting as well as Sales and Marketing. These experiences have created a special bond with my students because I know what they are going through on a daily basis and have often been asked to give advice and counsel on such business matters.

Over the years, I have developed many “lessons” that enhance the core curriculum materials and give additional support to the students. I have over 100 lessons on my laptop that I can use in any given class.

I can say that I am really concerned about the progress of the students and work very hard to find ways to improve their class experiences.


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