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Teaching Experience: 8+ years

Уровни, с которыми работаю: Intermediate – Advanced

Courses: General EnglishBusiness English (Finance, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Audit, Banks, Management, Human Resources, making presentations, preparation for a job interview, conference calls, phone call language, negotiation skills, reports, contracts, Business trips) , Conversational English, TOEFL preparation, Английский для путешествий, Informal communication in American English, Socializing

-Finance and Credit, MBA, Corporate Finance,
-Toefl IBT score 113
-My interests: People, Accounting, Marketing, Skydiving, Car racing, Travel,
Cooking, Dancing

Hi, I’m Satine.

I teach modern American English, practical Business English, and Toefl IBT. I’m a very energetic and positive person. I have 3 degrees: Finance and Credit, MBA, Corporate Finance.

After graduating from university I worked in Audit Company as an accountant first, then after some time as head of the Finance department. Next job was in the banking sphere, I worked in the bank for about 6 years as a plastic card specialist, was responsible for new products and checking fraudulent transactions. After the bank, I was the Commercial Director of one of the biggest companies in my country for about 2 years. Then I worked in an Insurance company in the USA as an accountant for about 2 years. In the end, I opened my own audit company and also I’m involved in many other projects, as I have lots of interests and like learning something new.

One of my hobbies is teaching English. After my main work hours, I started teaching Business English in university about 8 years and 2 months ago, since then I worked in many different universities and online platforms in 3
different countries, Armenia, Russia, and the USA. I know modern American English and have a strong business background, so I can give practical and useful information about the business, job interviews, contracts, negotiations, phone call languages, presentations, and many other business- related topics in English.

Also, I can be helpful with passing Toefl IBT, during these years none of my students failed the test and their results were in the range of 85 -105 General and Spoken English lessons with me are very interesting too, I have innovative methods of working, the lesson will be mainly concentrated on the student, we will have lots of speaking, practical grammar and new and interesting subjects to discuss.
The atmosphere is really friendly and enjoyable, which makes the learning process easy for student and motivates to have good results. I’m a very result-oriented person, so I will listen about your goals and needs and we will create the best strategy of learning, which will help you to reach your goal in a given period with the best quality.

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