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Teaching Experience: 9 years

Courses: Business English, English for finance, General Conversation, specialty English topics: industrial & organizational psychology, general psychology, social psychology, fraud examination, aviation English test preparation, equine terms and math

Education: 140-hour TEFL certificate, Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), Master’s in Psychology, Bachelor’s in International Relations, Certificate in Basic Farrier Science, Certified Fraud Examiner

Teaching Hours: Расписание занято учениками. Уточните наличие свободных слотов у менеджера школы

Hello! My name is Traci. I am a TEFL-certified English instructor originally from Pennsylvania, USA. I currently reside in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, USA (-5 or -6 UTC/GMT). I have earned a master’s of business administration, a master’s of science in psychology, a bachelor’s of arts in international relations and a certified fraud examiner’s designation.

I have nine years of teaching experience that includes being an academic teacher in a men’s prison, a tutor for ESL children, a substitute teacher in the USA and in Berlin, Germany, and an online business and professional English instructor for ESL students. Additionally, I have five years of experience as a fiscal and compliance auditor and criminal analyst for a defense attorney.

My teaching approach is a combination of contextualism, fun and relevancy. This creates a positive, inviting and understanding learning atmosphere so you may learn about what is most important and relevant to you. I am confident that I will be able to help you reach your self-established English language goals.

When I am not engaged in English activities, I enjoy my dogs and my two horses. I trim and shoe horse hooves and train my young horse. I am currently writing a novel. In the past, I spent many years rock climbing, ice climbing, caving, downhill skiing, cross country skiing and motorcycle riding that allowed me to see most of the continental US.

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