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Teaching Experience: 5+ years

Courses: General Russian, Conversational Russian, Business Russian

— FEFU Master’s Degree (Far Eastern Federal University), Philology

Hey! My name is Valeria, I have been teaching Russian for 5 years.

Do you want to improve your spoken language? Do you want to read books and watch movies in the original language? Or do you maybe need to know Russian for your career or travelling? I am here to help you!

I have two higher educations: management and master of philological sciences. I have experience working with Chinese, French, Koreans, Germans, Lao, British, Vietnamese, Americans, Japanese. At the same time, I lived and worked abroad (Laos) for 2 years as a teacher, so I might also introduce you to the Russian mentality and culture.

My lessons are never boring. We are going to have different conversations, read and discuss Russian literature, compose stories and dialogues and watch interesting videos.

I create a positive and motivating atmosphere in my lessons and I am always ready to listen to the wishes of my students.

Welcome to my class!

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