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Teaching Experience: 6+ years

Courses: General English, Conversational English, Business English (including preparing you for presentations, interviews, video, conference, and telephonic calls), Linguistic Analysis: pronunciation (British and American), understanding the grammatical norms, active vocabulary expansion as well as understanding the spoken language. I also help students obtain the necessary translation skills as well as reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

— Advanced level 5, TEFL certificate from the TEFL Academy, UK.
— Currently completing LLB (Bachelor of Laws) with only one module remaining.

Hello, I’m Vanessa. I am a native English speaker from the UK, and I have been an English teacher since 2014.

I have taught students of all ages and levels in many countries not only how to understand English but also how to love the English Language. As each student is unique, I am able to adjust my teaching style according to the level and needs of each student.

My lessons are interactive, informative, motivational, educational, and effective with clear instructions. I believe that engaging lessons help students learn in a more effective manner as it motivates them and, therefore, interaction is of great importance in the classroom. I believe in building strong relationships with my students, and I want the learning process to be comfortable and naturally making mistakes is part of the learning process. I believe in inspiring my students to reach their true potential.Consistency is important as I would like to see my students strive towards proficiency. I do understand the areas of English that can prove challenging, and I am here to help my students overcome those difficulties as I am encouraging and supportive.My aim is to help students overcome the language barrier and use the English language with confidence.

I use various teaching materials in the classroom that enable my students to obtain a better understanding of the lesson and I like to do online activities and exercises with my students to ensure that they understand everything to the best of their ability and have obtained the necessary knowledge and skills in order for us to make progress together with confidence.

Once you tell me what your personal goals are, we can move forward together and help you achieve them in accordance with your personal learning style.

I am diligent, punctual, kind and patient and I respect anyone that is willing to learn another language. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

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