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Teaching Experience: 20+ years

Courses: Business English, General English, IELTS preparation, Conversational English

-Cambridge University Certified English instructor (CELTA)
-Master of Arts Degree in Literary Theory, University of Toronto,
-Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (Linguistic Analysis) University of Waterloo,

I’ve taught all ages from young elementary children to senior citizens, from starters to high advanced levels, in Canada, Japan and Russia.

Most students want to advance to higher levels of fluency, and so I generally find out how each individual is able to function in the various tenses, and to help solidify their strength in formulating their thoughts on all kinds of Qs and As in those tenses.

Then there are some essentials sets of structures we need to master for better fluency: using relatives, reporting speech and thoughts, conditionals, emphatic forms, indirect forms, and, of course, phrasal verbs!

Combining tenses to give information, tell stories, give presentations, and converse naturally, are necessary skills. How do we effectively use the perfect tenses and the past tenses together? The simple and continuous?… So that we can speak more accurately and fluently? These are essential goals, I will help you achieve them!

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