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Хорас Ч.

Стаж преподавания: 3 years

Преподаю курсы: — English for General Use (from A1 to C1) — Lessons for Spoken English — EGE Preparation (Speaking Part) — IELTS Preparation

Уровни, с которыми работаю: Native

Мои дипломы и сертификаты:
— Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) / Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) — Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) — Certificate in IELTS specialist course — English Language Proficiency Certificate (in accordance to ICAO testing standards): Level 5 — Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering — Certificate of completion of Air Traffic Control Foundation Course — Certificate of achievement in ICAO aviation training programme ICAO 051, 052 and 054 — Certificate of pilot training (30 hours) — Certificate of knowledge of Russian language, Russian History and Fundamentals of Russian legislation — Certificate of passing of national testing in russian language: level B1

I am a native English speaker, knowing Russian, Japanese, German and Hongkongese. I was born in British Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong, I have lived in the UK and New Zealand in the past. I graduated with first class honours from my university. My former professions were civil engineering and aviation. Three years ago I started my teaching career. Initially, I worked in Vladivostok as a full-time teacher. I teach children in groups and individually. Besides English classes, I also taught cooking classes, science classes, and musical classes there. One of my main responsibilities was editing musical scripts and ensuring that our students could perform their roles correctly. Seven months ago I moved to St. Petersburg. At present, I teach as a freelancer. In addition to teaching online, I also teach live classes. In my classes, I place a lot of emphasis on revision, not on the same day when the language is taught, but throughout the whole language course. I motivate students to speak more because it allows them to actively use language in different contexts and increases their confidence in their abilities.

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